I love being "a Creative". And being creative helps me better understand the world and my place in it. I always doodled as a kid. Eventually I learned that being creative was my passion. I then discovered there were jobs for creative people. You mean you can get paid for it? I wanted to make this my career. I was accepted into the Art Institute of Atlanta. After earning my degree, I began working at a large advertising agency. Our work was nationally recognized and we excelled at traditional hand methods. As time passed, computer technology became the norm. Evolving with the industry, I made a drastic move to work for CNN. I developed my technical skills by creating content for the networks live programming. It was a fast paced world and I loved every minute of it. During my tenure, I advanced into management and became responsible for more than just my own work. I moved on to assume creative lead at several corporate design studios. Helping each one build their business and expand their creative services. I've realized that this is where I am most effective . . . and happiest. I help people, creatively. So, what can I help you with?